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Parallel Lines

About Protégée

Protégée was started out of passion, dedication, drive, and the need to help others be successful. Many models and actors get into the industry with little to no knowledge and help. The founder and CEO of Protégée started out modeling and acting with very little help. She invested thousands of dollars into her career, where some of that was a waste. She thought to herself how very little aspiring models and actors out there truly know about the industry and how very little there were in mentorship.


Thus Protégée was born.  At Protégée, we provide models with the tools to be successful.  We cover topics of the industry that are important to know and that will help the models reach the level of success they desire. We also provide competitive portfolio shots along with our classes and coaching sessions. Protégées' main focus is not the money to be made, or the exposure of the company. Protégée is dedicated to helping students become well equipped to getting where they need to be. 


Meet Our CEO

Cristiana Alexis

Cristiana Alexis has been in the industry for 6 years with the mindset of a life learner.  Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Cristiana Alexis entered into the Marine Corps. Two years in, she began her journey with her career by working for local boutiques throughout North Carolina.  Once her Marine Corps contract ended, she relocated to San Jose, California to pursue her career more heavily. 

In California, she has done work for local boutiques, walked on runways in San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose. She also did some commercial work around the Bay and LA. She also has done a variety of short films and indie films. The training she has received are as follows:  Coco Rocha Modeling Camp and Academy of Art University, as well as working with coaches in LA. It was at these places that she later decided to share her knowledge and start the company. It became her mission to provide affordable classes for aspiring models and actors. 

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About Our Workshops

Our workshops are made to be affordable to the aspiring model/actor. We strive to give models and actors the tools they need to be successful. Not only that, but we build a network of connections for aspiring models! You will find all our workshops listed below. Our workshops sell out fast, so book your spot today! 

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What we offer...

We offer portfolio building skills in both modeling and acting, portfolio building opportunities, coaching sessions, workshops, unforgettable experiences, a community, and mentors.


Why Protégée?

Why Protégée? We differ from other modeling and acting workshops, classes, and schools because we only charge what it would cost us to make this happen. Our focus is YOU and YOUR goals. We also differ from most modeling schools because we accept all models of all shape and sizes.


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