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Q: Is there an age limit to enroll in the classes?

A: Right now we are only open to ages 15 and up for in person. Our Model Masterclass is open to all models.

Q: Is there any experience necessary to take these classes?

A: NO! ALL experiences welcome. We welcome new models with open arms.

Q: What topics are covered in the workshops?

A:  We cover a variety of  model basics such as vocabulary, model history, resume building, pose, acting, through the photographer's eyes, and so much more. Our program is unique because it is built with the model in mind. We take the model's own skills and advance it with our method. For our acting students we cover improv, mesiner, character development, and so much more.

Q: What topics are covered in the masterclass?

A: What isn't covered! We go through so many topics from contracts to pose, to runway to model history and so much more. 

Q: What is the Von Method?

A: The Von Method was created by the CEO. It is a combination of dance, acting, and research. It is a method you have to experience to get the full details.

Q: Are you an agency?

A: NO! We teach modeling/acting classes and workshops.

Q: Can you get me gigs?

A: We can give you the TOOLS to aid you in getting gigs. We CANNOT book you in gigs, but we can give you competitive photos for your portfolios and teach you skills that many advance models uses in the industry.

Q: How much is the Masterclass?

A: It is a 3 series set. Each are valued at $99 but you can get all 3 for the price of $279.

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